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Popcorn Removal

Popcorn Ceiling Removal

A relic of design trends from the 70s and 80s, popcorn ceiling can make even the most beautiful homes look outdated. The popcorn texture, also known as "cottage cheese," collects dirt and provides a breeding ground for dust mites and spiders. It's difficult to clean, chips easily, and makes it harder to sell your property. But when you hire Protek Textures, you don't have to worry. Our highly skilled team effortlessly replaces popcorn ceiling material with a modern textured or smooth finish.

Our Removal Process

Removing popcorn and drywall can be very intrusive and disruptive to the homeowner. That's why we've developed an expedited removal process that allows us to remove popcorn ceilings in as little as one day. During this process, most furniture can remain where it normally is, though some areas may need to be cordoned off and protected in order to complete the job with minimal damage or debris. Depending on square footage, ceiling lights, and the condition of your ceilings, we're able to remove the existing outdated texture and give you a beautiful new ceiling in just one day.

Popcorn Roof Getting Scraped

Knockdown Texture

Seen in 80% of homes built today, knockdown is made from a thinned joint compound that is sprayed in a consistent pattern and then troweled flat. This popular ceiling design hides imperfections and can even be sprayed on walls. Using a spray rig, our technicians efficiently apply knockdown to your ceiling. Knockdown isn't a finished product, however, and does require sealing and painting to fully cover your drywall.

Smooth Finish

Much like knockdown, a smooth or slick finish can be sprayed on all walls and ceilings before being troweled out. This ultra-sleek option is a little more expensive but gives customers beautiful, completely flat ceilings and walls. Smooth finish also requires painting in order to cover drywall.


Interior Painting for Ceilings

At Protek Texture, our goal is to fully transform your walls and ceilings the way you see fit. That's why, in addition to replacing your existing wall texture, we also finish the job with a fresh coat of paint. This is especially important and necessary to do when applying knockdown texture or Smooth finish. With a special focus on planning out the caulking, priming, and preparation, our crew handles each and every job with extra care. We want to help bring your home into the modern era with a ceiling that looks fresh, clean, and beautiful.

Blue Wall

Ceiling Painting

Special care is always taken to protect your house and belongings. All furniture is masked and placed in a secured area before we get to work. We also realize that time is a factor and strive to finish your job as quickly as possible without sacrificing our quality workmanship.


Drywall Installation & Repair

From the full-house installation to the simplest repairs, our crew does it all. At Protek Texture, we go beyond offering standard popcorn removal services to provide comprehensive drywall installation and repair for your ceiling and walls. For your convenience, we aim to finish most drywall jobs in just one day.

Our Drywall Process

We begin every drywall project by covering the surrounding area with plastic to contain any mess or debris. Next, we cut out and remove damaged drywall, before checking to make sure that your framing isn't damaged as well. Once any necessary repairs are complete, we install new drywall using the appropriate screws or studs. Joints are then taped and beaded with a compound mud that has a drying time of less than one hour.

Cleared Roof